A pneumatic hose cutting machine for the large workshop. The cutter has a 7,5 kW engine and a 520 mm blade. The machine is suitable for hoses with up to six steel braids with dimensions from 3/16” up to 2” and for industrial hoses up to dimension 3”. Max outside hose diameter, 90 mm. The machine has an ”open throat” hatch for inserting the hose from the front. Comes with three different cutting speeds and variabel feeding speed. Adapter for smoke evacuation Ø100. Counter for 0-9999 pcs. The machine comes with pneumatic bend when cutting a hose.

NB! For hoses with four and six steel braids, use toothed cutting blade.

Length: 900 mm
Width: 645 mm
Height: 1150 mm
Weight: 210 kg


Part number:                 Type:
H9010-00-00 PowerCut 5-75 400V/25A/50Hz 7,5 kW
H9010-00-15 PowerCut 5-75 230V/25A/50Hz 7,5 kW
Part number:                 Type:
H9005-00-01 Cutting blade ”standard” 520x4x38
H9005-00-03 Cutting blade ”toothed TF” 520x4x38
H9005-00-04 Cutting blade ”toothed TS” 520x4x50
H9005-01-04 Adapter ring 50×38 for cutting blade H9005-00-04


Cutting blade