Mandrel bending machine 650ST    



– Round tubing mild steel50 x 3 mm Ø
– Round tubing stainless steel50 x 2,0 mm Ø
– Square tubing mild steel 35 x 2,5 mm
– Square tubing mild steel, bending axis A25 x 40 x 2,0 mm
– Square tubing mild steel, bending axis B40 x 25 x 2,0 mm
– Max. moment of resistance 5,0 cm³
– Bending angle up to180° + 10° spring back
– Bending speed36° / sec. (front feed)
– Speed of front feed manual
– Speed of rotationmanual
– Accuracy of the bending axis
– Accuracy of the lengthmanual
– Accuracy of the rotationmanual
– Arbor length/Usable length4572 mm
– Radii max. 125 mm
– Bending height1050 mm
– Power bending axiselectro-hydraulic
– Automatic positioning of the rotation and lengthmanual
– All other axes (e.g. clamping, mandrel forwards/backwards, etc.) electro-hydraulic


Machine equipment-/basic accessories:    

– Compact, exposed bending head
– With automatic operation sequence via incorporating switch key to provide a
choice of operation
– Starting of the machine via pushbutton
– Manual by hand button
Each function clamping on/off, mandrel forward/back, bending on/off initiated
by selection and pressing of respective button (for proto type and sample
– Semi automatic, starting with mandrel in forward position
Pressing causes clamp and pressure die to come on and start bending sequence on reaching desired angle, mandrel goes back, clamps open, bending head returns and mandrel comes forward to start position
– Wide opening of pressure die to allow off set bend device to move to a short
distance from bending head
– Bending direction clockwise
– With hollow shaft for using tooling for small radii
– For radii starting from 1,5 x D tube diameter
– Manual tool resetting
– Automatic bending tool engagement
– All functions are fully hydraulic
– Electric equipment Klöckner-Moeller
– Machine stationary
– Colour RAL 3020 red, 7047 grey


Machine data:    

– Standard norm hydraulic components
– Nominal pressure 250 bar, Operating pressure 200 bar
– Operating voltage 400 Volt – 50 Cyl. – 3 Ph. – 8 KW
– Control voltage: 24 VDC
– Length 5500 mm
– Width  1400 mm
– Height  1300 mm
– Weight 1800 kg



– Actuating via button
– With Programmable Logic Control (PLC)
– Possibility to store up to 20 bend angles to be called up individually or in sequence via Touchpanel
– Angle selection 0,1°
– Permanent showing of theoretical and actual bend angles
– Display of spring back
– Display of bending sequence
– Changeable spring back factor, to switch on/off
– With memory capacity of 500 tubes with 20 different positions