Mandrel bending machine 2060 3A CNC    



– Round tubing mild steel60,3 x 5,0 mm Ø
– Round tubing stainless steel60,3 x 3,0 mm Ø
– Square tubing mild steel40 x 3,0 mm
– Max. moment of resistance11,1 cm³
– Bending angle up to180° + 10° spring back
– Bending speed35°/sec. (front feed)
– Speed of front feed400mm/sec.
– Speed of rotation60°/sec.
– Accuracy of the bending axis+/-0,2°
– Accuracy of the length+/-0,3 mm
– Accuracy of the rotation+/-0,2°
– Arbor length/Usable length4572 mm
– Radiimax. 150 mm
– Bending height1250 mm
– Power bending axiselectro-hydraulic
– Automatic positioning of the rotation and lengthservo-electric
– All other axes (e.g. clamping, mandrel forwards/backwards, etc.)electro-hydraulic


Machine equipment-/basic accessories:

– Compact, exposed bending head
– Bending direction clockwise
– With hollow shaft for using tooling for small radii
– Include wide opening pressure die, to allow the off set bend device with the long neck clamping to move directly behind the bending tool
– Attention: For each tube-Ø you need a separate collet
– For a correct positioning of the mandrel the machine is equipped with a mandrel support
– the machine is conform to the electric and mechanical security guidelines and  the CE norm
– The emergency area in front of the machine is controlled via scanner
– Starting of operation via hand button
– Manual operation
Each function clamping on/off, mandrel forward/back, bending on/off initiated by selection and pressing of respective button (for proto type and sample production)
– Standard-norm-hydraulic components
– Machine stationary
– Colour RAL 3020 red, 7047 grey


Machine data:  

– Including connection for pressured air supply, 6 bar
– Nominal pressure 250 bar, Operating pressure 200 bar
– Operating voltage 400 Volt – 50 Cyl. – 3 Ph. – 30 kW
– Control voltage 24 V D.C.
– Capacity of the hydraulic tank 160 Ltr.
– Length  8600 mm
– Width   1800 mm
– Height  1500 mm
– Weight approx. 5100 kg + 200 kg control panel


Control description: 

– Fitted with 3-axis control of the bending angle, the rotation axis and the longitudinal movement in the different planes
– The bending axis, the rotation axis and the length axis are coupled with each other, it ensues a permanent actual and nominal comparison also the control checks the tolerance and actuates further operations
– Integrated computer – IBM-compatible, current technology
– It ensues a permanent actual and nominal comparisation on the screen
– User surface Windows
– Separate control element including Touchpanel for setup and start of automatic cycle


Standard equipment CNC control:

– With max. 20 different positions of each tube, all positions are controlled in the PC program
– Possibility to store 1 Mio. tubes with 20 positions each under drg. numbers
– After input you can store the tube
– Storage of the drg. numbers according to WIN Standard
– The off set bend device moves to the front position for an easy input and output of the tubes