Hydroscand can offer three different types of cutting blades: one standard blade and two thoothed blade types, all manufactured in hardened steel. The blades perform quick and clean cutting results on 1-, 2-, 3-. 4- and 6-braided steel hoses. Available in dimensions 200 mm – 520 mm.

Part number:                      Type:
H9002-00-02                        Cutting blade std. 200×3/40 mm

H9001-00-01                        Cutting blade std. 250×3/16 mm
H9001-00-02                        Cutting blade std. 250×3/25 mm
H9006-06-01                        Cutting blade std. 250×3/25,4 mm
H9006-00-01                        Cutting blade std. 250×3/32 mm
H9003-00-01                        Cutting blade std. 300×3/16 mm
H9009-01-01                        Cutting blade std. 400×4/50 mm
H9005-00-01                        Cutting blade std. 520×4/38 mm
H9006-01-02                        Cutting blade toothed 250×3/40 mm
H9003-01-02                        Cutting blade toothed 300×3/50 mm
H9009-01-02                        Cutting blade toothed 400×4/50 mm
H9005-00-03                        Cutting blade toothed 520×4/38 mm
H9005-00-04                        Cutting blade toothed 520×4/50 mm

Part number:                      Type:
H9006-01-05                        Adapter ring for toothed cutting blade 40×25,4 mm
H9006-01-06                        Adapter ring for toothed cutting blade 40×32 mm
H9005-01-07                        Adapter ring for toothed cutting blade 50×32 mm
H9005-01-04                        Adapter ring for toothed cutting blade 50×38 mm
H9005-01-05                        Adapter ring for toothed cutting blade 50×40 mm

Cutting blade