Finn-Power NC20, NC30 and NC40 Crimping Machines for Serial Production

NC20, NC30 and NC40 – Accurate nut Crimping

Finn-Power NC20, NC30 and NC40 nut crimping machines provide fast, accurate operation in crimping the nut / ferrule / bush set on ends of hydraulic hoses. These models are intended for use in serial manufacturing. A special centering pin, selected according to ferrule size is used during the crimping. The machine produces accurate and consistent results.


  • Foot pedal
  • Mechanical backstop device
  • Auto greasing G3
  • Remote control unit
  • A3 signal option
  • Pressure crimping (UC1, ICC1)
  • Step crimping (UC2, ICC2)
  • Quality crimping (UC3, ICC3)
  • Graphical quality crimping (ICC4)
Crimping range (mm) 112 – 105
Max. opening (mm)+26
Max. crimping force (tonnage)93
Number of crimpings/hour1900
Motor (kW)4
Weight (kg)240


1) With standard dies. Crimping range can be increased with special dies.

NC20, NC30 and NC40 dies can be used with NC40 crimping machine.