Finn-Power CM30 and CM35 Cutting Machines

CM30/CM35 – Safe cutting for Service Use

Finn-Power CM30 and CM35 cutting machines are manually operated and designed for service use in workshop. They can be used for cutting up to 2″ braided hoses efficiently, fast and safely. They are easy and simple to use and both models are equipped with fume exhaust connections. CM30 is also available in 12V and 24V.

Model CM30
Hose capacity, 1-2 wire (inch) 2
Hose capacity, 4 wire (inch) 11/4
Motor (kW) 3
Available voltage (V) 12/24
Speed of blade, 50 Hz (rpm) 2750
Speed of blade, 60 Hz (rpm) 3370
Blade diameter (mm) 300×3
Weight (kg) 50