For automatic cutting of hoses and ducting without wire reinforcement as well as the cutting of battery cables.


  • Immediate productivity increase
  • User friendly, thanks to an intuitive software and Touch Screen
  • Speed 60m/min
  • High precision
  • No contamination
  • No dust or fumes
  • Cold, square and clean cut
  • Low maintenance
  • Very compact size


  • Memory of part numbers
  • Splice detector
  • Just-In-Time Kit Cutting software


  • Reel racks
  • Decoilers
  • Electric coilers or spoolers

Technical Specifications

Hose w/o metal wireMax. 20mm (OD)
Battery Cable (Special blade)…..Max. 10mm (OD)
Entry dataLength / Batch
Type of cutBy guillotine width 55mm
SpeedMax. 60m/min.
Noise level< 80db
Electrics220V 1-Ph
AirCompressed Air, 6 bar inlet
Dimensions450 x 630 x 370mm
Accuracy0,1 to 0,3% of requested length